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An ode to the trees..

I woke up very early this morning. Read - as I often do - an article about our climate. Our world. I fell a sleep with a big whole in my stomach- again - and dreamt that everybody including me was crying. Crying because we realized that we were too late.

I walked through the trees with closed eyes.. sensed the scent of trees, soil, dew… feeling the greatness of being alive and a part of this beautiful world.

Drowning in light

Green trees and sounds from birds

singing joyful songs

Windfall dancing in treetops

Talking gently

listening with gentle ears

Listen softly

I was there

Drifting into your arms


Drifting into your arms


Opening the night

With an airy dance

Hypnotized by a chance

To be with you

Be you

Oh I stretch my body

To overcome the trouble

Listening to trees

Softly you treat me

Drifting into your arms


I am bark

I am leaves

Drifting into your arms


( Sketch of Drifting into Your Arms Again,

Line Marianne August 2022)

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