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Video premiere on gaffa today, radio premier on P4 yesterday!!

Opdateret: 9. jan. 2022

Today danish music magazine Gaffa is doing a video premiere in my third single Rain Hammers On:)))) I'm so happy about that. Thank you so much, and thank you for the great presentation and words! I love Anisette, and she has alway been a great inspiration to me. Her fantastic voice, and her way of poetically making music. It makes me so proud to be compared to her.

Yesterday Rain Hammers On had a pre-premiere on danish radio P4 in the program P4 play with the greatest host Andrew Jensen!! Thank you so much for the great presentation, and for once again playing one of my songs. It makes me so happy:)))))

Mellemblond was also featured with album of the week. Kristoffer Munck, Mellemblond, is playing the fantastic guitar-solo in the outro of Rain Hammers On.

You can listen to the program here:

Rain Hammers On is out on all streaming services today:

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